Small Business Awards recognize achievement while promoting Oklahoma entrepreneurship

Dear editor, Small Businesses across Oklahoma can highlight their success by entering the annual Small Business Awards program this fall.

These awards recognize successful Oklahoma businesses while also serving as an inspiration to Oklahomans looking to own their own part of the American dream through small business success.

Statistics show that Small Business drives Oklahoma job growth. Half of all Oklahomans are employed by more than 350,000 Oklahoma Small Businesses according to recent census data. Home grown small businesses have their roots deep in the community and their success is Oklahoma’s strength during difficult times.

The SBA Awards given in celebration of National and District Small Business Week include Small Business Person of the Year (National and District); Small Business Exporter (National and District); Entrepreneurial Success Award; Young Entrepreneur of the Year; Family-Owned Business of the Year; Encore Entrepreneur of the Year; Veteran-owned Small Business of the Year; Home-Based Business of the Year; Manufacturer of the Year; and Small Business Champion of the Year.

Visit the SBA’s dedicated website at www. sba.gov/nsbw to download forms, criteria, and guidelines for submitting a nomination. The Oklahoma District Nomination Guidelines and district awards categories can be found on the district’s website at https://www.sba. gov/document/support-oklahoma-district-nsbw- award-guidelines.

The Oklahoma District Office must receive all nominations by electronic submission to the District’s BOX.com account no later 2:00 p.m.

Central Time on December 8, 2022.

We look forward to celebrating Small Businesses across Oklahoma during National Small Business Week April 30 – May 6, 2023. Be sure to nominate your business or a business you support by December 8 to be recognized during 2023 National Small Business Week.

Mark Winchester Acting Oklahoma District Director

Oklahoma needs someone who will bring people together in an ethical way’

Dear editor, Recently I had the privilege of helping host state schools superintendent Joy Hofmeister to our community in her campaign for Oklahoma governor. It was a packed and busy day, as Joy met with about 200 people in six different groups. She was asked about a range of topics, from education to tribal relationships. She was candid, thoughtful and interested in listening to the concerns and challenges of Oklahomans.

Oklahoma needs someone who will bring people together in an ethical way. We need someone who will not shove school vouchers down our collective throats. Private schools are fine for those who want them and can afford them.

We do not need to take away funding from 95 percent of our students who cannot afford private school. As most Oklahoman’s, I treasure our local schools and rural communities.

We need someone who will work on the quality of our healthcare for all Oklahomans.

And someone like Joy who will uphold the “Oklahoma Standard” – hard work, integrity, mutual respect and neighborliness. It is time to replace the current political climate.

Oklahoma deserves so much better. What we need (figuratively and literally) is Joy. In rejecting the extremism of the far left and far right, her leadership in the governor’s office would bring out the best in Oklahoma. There are so many formidable challenges before us.

Our schools are suffering from a devastating teacher shortage. Rural hospitals are closing their doors. Inflation continues to hit working families hard.

Joy Hofmeister understands that addition beats division every time. It is a refreshing approach after the chaos of these last four years.

As state superintendent, she has shown time and again that she is up for tackling the most seemingly insurmountable challenges. As governor, Joy will find common ground, establish strong partnerships that are free from partisan games, and remain focused on the truth that Oklahoma belongs to its people.

I am excited to vote for Joy Hofmeister on Nov. 8, and I hope you will, too.

Phyllis Bolt Shawnee

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